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I assist artists, creative professionals and innovators, in-person and from afar, as an adviser, project consultant, and self-care mentor. Drawing from my expertise moving blocked energy through Chinese Medicine, my knowledge of health and wellness, and my background as a writer, instructor, and artist's assistant, I help you build skills to unlock and enhance your creative process. My work is well suited for visual artists, writers, filmmakers, playwrights, actors, musicians, choreographers, innovative thinkers, and anyone looking to break through creative blocks.  

Sessions can be in-person, on the phone, or over video chat. 


Liz Asch Greenhill has a BA in English from Vassar, an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Eastern Oregon University, and a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She works as an artist, writer, acupuncturist, and in combination as a creativity and wellness consultant. She teaches classes on accessing creativity through embodiment, as well as literature, writing, and visual art. 


If you are interested in working together please send an email via the CONTACT form. Write a few sentences about what you want to focus on and where you are in your career. 

If you are an agency or collective interested in having creativity + wellness work come to your group or creative team, please get in touch using the CONTACT button below.


"Liz is a rad practitioner and basically my artistic life guidance counselor." - Jimi, musician

"Liz is not only an artist in her own rite, but has that rare gift of being able to intuit how to help an artist who is struggling. Using her background in Chinese Medicine, and her experience in many forms of art-making, Liz charms obstacles out of the way, and gives artists tools to unblock their own roads to fulfillment." - S.V., writer

"I cannot express the joy of having worked with Liz. She is seriously talented, kind, professional and creative with her work." - Ken, filmmaker

"Liz is unusually good at helping tease through things, find the way when the way is fuzzy or obstructed, and enlarge the view to allow for creative visioning." - Lisa S.



Get personalized sessions to unlock your creative flow, get to the heart of your project, learn wellness and self-care strategies, and how to shift your perspective when it's getting in your way. 

EMERGING: A series of three 1-hour sessions. $200

PROFESSIONAL: 4 sessions at 1.5 hours each with a customized takeaway visualization. $750

AWARDED: 6 sessions at 2 hours each with correspondence via email and text, and a customized takeaway visualization either written or audio. $1600

LOCAL DELUXE: a 2 hour house call or office session, half-creative consulting, half-acupuncture $175 (in office), $200 (house call) 

If you don't see what you are looking for, we can make up a package just for you. 


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